Strategy takes flight.

Beauty+Brains: At Edge Design, we believe that the most effective visuals are not only eye-catching, but also mind-catching; they employ human ingenuity (the sharp idea) to stimulate thought, tug at emotions, and leave an indelible impression, beyond just a pretty picture. Whether logo, photograph, illustration or other image, think of each as a visual elevator-pitch; if it isn’t a strong pitch, if it isn’t remarkable, consider nixing it. Audiences are more likely to stay engaged with your message if it is well-curated. At Edge Design, we work for our clients to outshine and outsmart their competition.

The Cohesion Quotient: Part of a well-curated message, and securing powerful public recognition, is the cohesive presentation of a smart identity. Communication materials that look like they are all part of the same family build credibility by way of a familiar face. At Edge Design, we aim for your target audience to spot you in a crowd and gravitate toward you, because of the cohesive, inviting face that we create together.

The Flexibility Factor: Every sharp idea needs to be flexible—standing the test of time and space:

1. Logo identity needs to have what we call “good bones”:

a. Looking fantastic in solid black form, in addition to color;
b. Scaling readily and beautifully from smartphone to cinema screen;
c. Utilizing classic-typography best-practices (especially important for your identity's longevity).

With good bones, your identity endures under the pressure of company growth and changing fashion trends.

2. Brochures, illustration and other collateral need to look great not only in print, but also digitally or in ePub format, opening the door to interactive and motion design.

3. Web sites need to be built for cross-platform, incorporating mobile responsive design—coding that optimizes the content display, according to the type of device being used.

At Edge Design, our goal is to create beautiful and intelligent tools that define and strengthen your brand, inviting audiences to take the next logical step.

Through teamwork with our clients, we achieve excellent results.

Ready to take flight? We’d love to hear from you!